Welcome to HoCC

“We had the experience, but we missed the meaning.” T. S. Eliot

The University’s History of Computing Collection contains equipment, software, archives, ephemera, oral histories, and videos. It was founded, in Autumn 2007, in order to study historically the relationship between computing technologies and society.

One important focus is the development of computing in Wales. We propose that by investigating the local history of computing we will better able to see and understand the complicated interplay of technical, social, economic and cultural cause and effects.

The Collection is also interested in certain specialist areas of the computing. The choice of these subjects will reflect the interests of Swansea academics and friends of the Collection.

This website provides information about the Collection and, more importantly, is a research tool to build the Collection and interpret and disseminate history. We are keen to gather relevant information from around the world. We hope you find the ideas and reflections here interesting. We hope you will help us build the collection. Please contact us.

John V Tucker

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